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In-person, online therapy or a hybrid approach to therapy that allows you to choose the best model of therapy that works for you.  Some people like the comfort and personal approach that in-person sessions provide to them. While other people like the convenience of having their sessions virtually.


Whatever your ideal therapeutic comfort, BTN has a therapist to accommodate your need.In addition to having therapist that have experience in working with a verity of Black people across the diaspora, we provide a profile that helps you to familiarize yourself with the therapist’s background and level of competence (particularly culturally) to meeting your needs.  

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BTN believes in making sure that you as a consumer is educated, knowledgeable and well informed about your own well-being. Additionally, BTN provides postgraduate training to its members on a variety of therapy topics. Most importantly, BTN wants to ensure its members practice in culturally competence manner. Many states and municipalities are moving toward ensuring therapist that provide mental health therapy have adequate and ongoing train in this specialized area of practice.

In addition to this commitment, BTN has a mission of educating the Black community about seeking mental health services and using preventive strategies to minimize the need for more intensive and high levels of care. The successfully ensure ongoing training of therapists, BTN has a Training Institute that offers Continuing Education Units on the latest strategies for improving therapeutic outcomes, managing contemporary issues in the Black Community, and improving access to services. The Institute has been in the business of training mental health professionals for over 11 years. 

Learn to develop a positive relationship with a compatible therapist.  

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Maxwell Manning


MSW, Ph.D Clinical and Medical Social Work

Population Served:

Most populations except children under15 years old.

Theoretical Framework:

Psychodynamic, CBT, Solution focused, Behavioral, Christian, and Systems

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